Shackadelic Design Rationale

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Some design rationale here that I’ve had kicking around in my head for ages but haven’t actually put down on paper. A certain amount of these qualities need to be carried over from the original design – the logo and colour scheme, for example, has long been approved, used & needs to be kept “as is”. I do, however, want to bring it a bit more up-to -date.

Directory Structure

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Today I found another interesting site that echoes my feelings on directory structure. I like to keep things organised & this structure also apparently reduces load times. 馃檪



Great example of responsive design here – resize your browser window to see some clever design arrangements.


Lean Canvas

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We were discussing Ash Maurya’s “Lean Canvas” in class today. Very interesting stuff but I’m not sure that good products necessarily always come from the desire to “solve a problem”. Innovative products could come from inventive ideas, good execution, or clever design – there is also the argument that people may not acknowledge there was even a problem until you provide them with an elegant solution. So, for me, coming up with a “problem” and a “solution” to this problem, felt a little difficult, even though I know exactly what product I want to design.

Website Redesign for Shackadelic

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Shackadelic Logo Pic

So, time to introduce the website that I will be designing for the IDM18 Web Development module.

Approximately 18 months ago I designed an identity and website for London based shack & cabin builders, Shackadelic.聽Whilst the site worked well for Shackadelic, it wasn’t responsive.聽Over the last 18 months, however, I have come to realise just how important responsive design is. I also feel that the site needs a bit of a refresh and could be cleaner from a design perspective.


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Some interesting and useful links from today’s class.