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I was reading some interesting articles today on LinkedIn. Is their a difference between “user” and “customer”? Is “customer” experience outside of the scope of “user” experience?

Surely a UX designer deals with the experience of an interactive product, no? Yes the user may be also be a customer but is it our role to also ensure that the telephones are answered quickly and in a polite manner? Maybe it is. Maybe the industry is confused and has us all confused with them. For example, many UX job roles I see advertised are actually UI roles. Do these companies know what they are asking for or do they want a “jack of all trades”? Should a UX designer be designing gradients on buttons? Should a CX designer be designing wireframes?

So what exactly is BX? My take on this is that brand experience is the bigger cumulative result of UX and CX.

Let me know what you think.

Some interesting posts here :



(1) Comment

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