Critical Reflection

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Critical Reflection Pic

The Shackadelic site has been a great project to work on & I feel I’ve learnt so much – particularly from a responsive perspective. I’d definately work from a “mobile first” approach next time though. I think it is easy to get everything looking great for desktop, but not so easy for mobile – some things just wouldn’t work. The mobile-first approach will help focus and prioritise. There simply is not room in mobile for unnessary elements. This is stated in Ben Frain’s excellent book, “Implementing Responsive Design” (pg 160).

Final Validation

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W3C Pic

The Shackadelic site is now finished and I’ve managed to get it uploaded and “live”. When trying to validate over at the W3C online validator, I got a “Saw U+0000 in stream” error which can apparently come from copying & pasting.

Theme Tweaks

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Tweaks PicA quick recap here of all the site-wide tweaks performed on this WordPress site :

1. Post headers & graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop.

2. All photography shot on my Nikon d7000 & edited in Adobe Photoshop.

WordPress Plugins

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A short, quick summary of the plugins used in this site. I went through an awful lot of trial & error with many, many plugins but these I can recommend.

1. Social media sharing for blog posts : AddThis :

New Theme

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Workality Pic

Maybe I was tired of looking at it, or maybe I couldn’t quite get it to feel right – i’m not sure. Either way, I’ve now changed the theme for this blog to “Workality” by Northeme. It is a great theme, is easy to tweak the css, and has a lot of options available as I grow into it. I feel more at home with this theme.

CSS Print Styles

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So, part of the assessment for the IDM 18 Web Development module is to create 2 stylesheets that are “switchable” in Firefox. As I was actually doing a site for a client, I thought that I would just do an additional print style sheet.

SlidesJS Font Issues

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Anti Aliasing Pic

Another issue I noticed today with the SlidesJS slider was this weird “voodoo” that happens with any text below the slider. Any text placed below the slider looks like it is animating from a similar colour when actually using the slider – its not a major problem but it is really annoying once you have seen it…

SlidesJS Issues On iPad

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When testing on iPad, I found another quirk with the SlidesJS slider. SlidesJS has built-in swipe functionality (which was primarily the reason I went with it) – this means that on iOS devices, when a user views a gallery, they can “swipe” to the next image, video or whatever is in the slider. When checking this, I found that certain “swipes” result in a blank screen. It appears to be completely random at this point – in other words, it does not seem to matter which page or slider I’m interacting with.

iOS Styling

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I was checking the Shackadelic site on mobile devices this morning & noticed that on my iOS7 devices, the submit button I created kept showing up with a default grey gradient. I just couldn’t get my head around this.

PHP Validation in Coda 2

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Validation Pic

When creating the contact form for the Shackadelic site, I was placing a chunk of PHP into html (contact.php) – which, as discussed in my previous post, worked great but this morning I noticed it wouldn’t validate in Coda 2.