Hakobune – Nebulous Sequences

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Hakobune Pic

I’m a sucker for electronic drone / ambient music so I thought I’d post this little beauty that I have been listening to today. I listen to a lot of this kind of thing & often drone can sound flat, boring & way too cold. This is cold but also warm. It glistens and sparkles as it oozes into your eardrums with elegance and control – give it a spin!

“Sparkles of mist, ebbs of mystery. Tiny shades of colours within a suspended time. “Nebulous Sequences” is the new masterfully album of Kyoto based musician Takahiro Yorifuji who operates under the name of Hakobune. The ripples of dense and elusive drones create a vast and meditative landscape where air and water flow and shimmer together. Using layers of processed guitar, this album envelops and surrounds the body with the beauty of a soothing and nebulous presence.”

Available from Bandcamp.


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