Prototype Building

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I took my 3 scenarios & assembled storyboards in Sketch.  I then did a .png export of all screens into a folder. These images were then simply dragged into Keynote. I drew on hotspots where I needed them & this has seemed to work quite well. It’s very basic but enough to get a prototype idea across – it would have been nice to have created some more complexity here – at present, the user needs to follow the task scenarios with the prototype (that is, follow the steps in the scenario) as building all possible clicks and interactions would have been extremely time-consuming and a lot of screens. This exercise did highlight problems that were not apparent on the paper prototypes however – size of buttons, aesthetics and where menu items were located for example.

Later, I started placing my audio into Keynote and it actually seemed to work ok. The first thing I noticed was that in Keynote you basically have 2 options with audio :

1. An entire “soundtrack” that will play throughout the entire presentation / prototype, and / or

2. Audio files placed on particular screens that only play when the screen is reached.

Obviously a soundtrack would not work so I placed my audio loops on screens where they were needed & assembled a sort of audio / interface narrative together – it works ok but audio is cut off as you move through the interface – that is, audio placed on one screen will cut off another as a user clicks through. It would have been nice to have continual audio in the prototype instead of the “stop/start” nature that I currently have – but it seemed to get the point across.


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