SlidesJS Font Issues

Category : Web Development · No Comments · by April 8, 2014

Anti Aliasing Pic

Another issue I noticed today with the SlidesJS slider was this weird “voodoo” that happens with any text below the slider. Any text placed below the slider looks like it is animating from a similar colour when actually using the slider – its not a major problem but it is really annoying once you have seen it…

This one had me baffled but I eventually found someone with a similar problem which you can read about here:!topic/slidesjs/AsK400IspSk

My feeling is that the SlidesJS engine is turning anti-aliasing off to speed up the processing power required for the animations (I used to do this in Flash a lot), and then turn it back on again once the animation has completed.

The effect is what looks like an animation but it is simply the anti-aliasing turning off and on.

Annoying and I haven’t been able to fix yet… 😐


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