SlidesJS Issues On iPad

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When testing on iPad, I found another quirk with the SlidesJS slider. SlidesJS has built-in swipe functionality (which was primarily the reason I went with it) – this means that on iOS devices, when a user views a gallery, they can “swipe” to the next image, video or whatever is in the slider. When checking this, I found that certain “swipes” result in a blank screen. It appears to be completely random at this point – in other words, it does not seem to matter which page or slider I’m interacting with.

My feeling at this point is that there is simply too many sliders on one page – there are 7 on the “portfolio” page. It seems to work fine on desktop & SlidesJS documentation does say that you can do this. At the moment I just feel it is possibly too much for the processor on a mobile device.

Some further reading available here:!searchin/slidesjs/ios/slidesjs/jKs7OAfg5kY/81-I2pTm79AJ


* Update

The “webkit-BackfaceVisibility: hidden” didn’t work for me – I need to spend some more time troubleshooting this.



(1) Comment

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